Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Darren Olivier

Faking it

Afrique en Ligne carries a piece all too common about the dangers of counterfeits in East Africa. This article cites a call of life imprisonment! for serial offenders and unwittingly lead Afro Leo to an innovative South African warning site about the dangers of using counterfeit software.

"Noting that the current regime [in the EAC] was limited to only seizure and destruction of fake goods, The Citizen [a private daily] suggested that new laws should include 'tougher penalties such as life sentence for repeat offenders, as they engage in deals that sabotage the economy denying governments tax revenue'.Afrique en Ligne

Google Adsense (by placing an adjacent ad relating to the content of the Afrique en Ligne article) was responsible for taking me to dontfakeit and a compelling experience about counterfeit software. Try it. The site is registered to Intergr8IT - Penquin International.

A similar warning was recently contained in the broadsheet version of the The Herald. The story goes that a family man bought a cheap "buy 1 get 4" DVD roadside special for his young son only to find out later (after his kid had apparently watched the DVDs) that the special extras were in fact porn. One suspects - regret for the dad and depending on the kid, endless questions, disgust or complaints about quality.

For Meg Ryan and the difficulty in spotting fakes click here.

Darren Olivier

Darren Olivier

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