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Meet our contributors; the lawyers, personalities, writers, researchers and thinkers who regularly share their knowledge and opinions on Afro-IP.

Rencontrez nos contributeurs: avocats, personnalités, écrivains, chercheurs et intellectuels qui partagent régulièrement leur expérience et opinions sur Afro-IP.

Wim Alberts
Wim is a well known South African academic and IP aficionado with a career that has spanned over 25 years across academia and private practice. Delightfully dry and insightful, his posts are always entertaining and thought provoking. Click on his link to find out more.

Born in Nigeria and now working for Managing Intellectual Property in London, Kingsley once traversed the entire African continent profiling the national registries for Afro-IP. These posts and his other contributions give a rich insight into developments on the continent, from a writer, researcher and personality extraordinaire. 

Tony’s day job is to run the Faculty of Law of Ugandan Christian University, where he sits as the Dean. Educated in Africa and the United States, Tony is a regular contributor on IP issues in East Africa.

Roshana Kelbrick
Roshana has been writing for Afro-IP ever since its inception. She is an academic and professor from the University of South Africa, where she teaches intellectual property (and other subjects) in the Department of Mercantile Law. Highly respected and widely published, Roshana has contributed significantly to IP jurisprudence in South Africa.

Zimbabwean born Caroline is a prolific writer and speaker on African IP issues, especially policy debates. Her posts tracking the development of African IP Policies in Africa are super popular on the blog. Caroline is a professor in the Faculty of Law, University of Cape Town and much more.

A copyright law aficionado from Nigeria who is also an Advocate at the Nigerian Bar and an independent consultant at Penguide Associates, Chijioke is currently pursuing her Doctoral degree at the University of Cape Town, having completed an Internet Law and Policy Masters program at the University of Strathclyde, Scotland. Her current research area is the development of competition policy for open and freemium business models in Nigeria and South Africa’s music industry and her interests extend across the copyright law spectrum and all other areas of IP. Chijioke, known as “The Penguide”provides legal advice in the area of Internet law and policy, including copyright law.

Afro-IP founder, Darren Olivier, has been working in the IP field for over 20 years in law firms and in industry. Six hours after his post The (arrest? of the) Beautiful (at the) Game in 2010 he was face-to-face with Seb Blatter and Jerome Valke at FIFA’s temporary HQ in Sandton during the World Cup. Who says blogging on IP isn’t fun, sexy and dangerous?

Based in Kenya, Isaac is one of East Africa’s IP innovators. With some serious academic grounding out of the US and UK, Dr Rutenberg spends his time, teaching, practising and advising on intellectual property, especially patents. He has unique insights on how intellectual property can be used effectively in developing economies.

Aurelia should have been born in Africa, such is her passion for the continent and its people. She has contributed to the blog over many years and is currently Counsel for Policy and International Affairs at U.S. Copyright Office. He posts are always insightful, well researched and worth following. She loves Zambia, in particular.

Jeremy is a South African IP lawyer primarily practising trade mark and copyright litigation and commercial IP.  As a recent father of twins his leisure time has largely been annihilated but he does enjoy hiking in the magnificent mountains near his home in Cape Town as well as supporting Liverpool Football Club and drinking good whisky.