Friday 13 March 2009

Afro Ng'ombe

Question for Our Readers: African CROs

Afro-Leo is looking for some missing information.  How many African countries have collecting societies to manage copyrights?

Perhaps some Afro-IP readers know.  If you have an idea of how many countries have collecting societies or if you know of collecting societies in a specific country, please leave a comment.  Maybe we can get enough responses to add Africa to the Wikipedia list.  (The whole continent's been left off!)

Help add to our collective knowledge of collecting societies.  Here's what Afro-Leo has so far:

  • South Africa - RISA and SAMRO
  • Nigeria - MCSN and PMRS (debated)


Thank you!

Afro Ng'ombe

Afro Ng'ombe

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13 March 2009 at 14:48 delete

Hi Leo, found this interesting list : WIPO's directory + some more info...

Cameroun : there are at least 2, fighting against each other = CMC (Cameroon Music Corporation) & SOCAM (Société Civile de l’Art Musical) => Check this news for more info (in French) - check Cameroun @ WIPO

Ivory Coast : BURIDA (Bureau Ivoirien du Droit d'Auteur)
check CI @ WIPO

Togo : BUTODRA Togo @ WIPO

It seems (to me at least) that African French speaking countries still struggle to recognize the necessity of strong collecting societies for the sake of their artists. Most of them were created following the SACEM model (French collecting society)...