Monday, 22 June 2009

Darren Olivier

Monday Mix

South Africa: TVIEC response to SABC - Not surprisingly, the TVIEC remain unimpressed with the SABC who "continue to act with arrogance..." Filmaker South Africa reports on the TVIEC response "The SABC’s response to the Television Industry Emergency Coalition’s memorandum indicates that the management fails to appreciate the real need to work with the independent production sector to find solutions that can help shield the industry and our viewers from the present crisis....(click on Filmaker link for more)" . If you are new to the story on how IP rights/content creators have managed to help make a national television company accountable and force board resignations, click here.

Egypt: Pay-up or lose rights - As of 2 June 2009, it is possible to file a PCT national phase. As of 6 June 2009, the Registrar of Patents issued a Decision in which he changed the calculation of the dates of the annuities due on a PCT application. Earlier annuities were calculated as from the filing date of the national phase application in Egypt, while now, they are counted from the PCT international filing date. Accordingly, all due annuities on the national phase applications of PCT have to be paid retroactively according to the new calculation within 6 months from the date of decision - June 6, 2009 - otherwise, the application will lapse. (Source: NJQ & Associates)

Sudan: Making life tough for TM applicants - The Registrar of Trademarks issued new regulations regarding the power of attorney, requesting it now to be legalized up to a Sudanese Consulate. Earlier, it was simply signed. This will be effective as of 1 July 2009, and accordingly the new filing requirements are:
Power of attorney legalized.
Extract from Commercial register legalized.
At the time of registration, the applicant must submit, on its letterhead, an affidavit stating that there has been no change in the ownership or details of the owner. (Source: NJQ & Associates)

Developing nation threatens to counterfeit products - Thanks to an alert from Mary-Ellen Field, Afro Leo has encountered a very interesting response from a developing nation to its obligations under TRIPS which could lead to sanctions against the country. According to this article in respected Food&, Tetra Pak has said it will seek immediate talks with the Venezuelan Government after the country’s president threatened to counterfeit its packaging goods in a bid to save money and reliance on foreign companies. The global packaging giant admitted it was taken back when Hugo Chavez declared that his country would no longer recognize patented products. Afro Leo wonders whether such a move has not tempted African countries or perhaps, how many.

....and finally no good news for folks waiting for the Servier judgement which is still, it seems, firmly stuck in the passage of decision.

Darren Olivier

Darren Olivier

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