Wednesday 23 September 2009

Darren Olivier

One liners

The Kenya Copyright Board has embarked on an intensive campaign against software piracy through sustained and sporadic raids on suspected targets and it is working. (read more here).

CIPRO is no longer publishing Companies and Close Corporation notices in respect of registration, deregistration, amendments, company name changes, restoration, liquidation and conversion in the Government Gazette. Rather the information can be located here.

The Southern African Customs Union (Sacu) has agreed to redouble efforts to resolve outstanding issues in signing trade deals with the European Union (EU) and hinted at the possibility of change in Sacu's structure. Business Day

China does not plan to renew a voluntary two-year restriction on textile exports to South Africa imposed after unions complained that cheap imports were hurting local manufacturers. Business Report.

Despite a Patent Act which precludes software from being patented in South Africa, Microsoft holds more than 300 patents locally, most of them for software processes. My Broadband

Arab IP Centre has been launched by the League of Arab States and is designed to promote intellectual property in the area.

There is evidence that sub-Saharan Africa stands to see the exponential rise the revenues from non-mineral exports through IP based strategies. See DFID support study.

Senegal will this year re-launch the President's Grand Prize for technological promotion and innovation after almost 10 years of dormancy. Read more here.

Darren Olivier

Darren Olivier

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