Thursday 11 February 2010

Darren Olivier

Avoiding the ambush

"The key is not to panic. Remember the burst of gunfire may not be aimed at you."

You can take Jeremy Clarkson's advice on how to avoid an ambush or you can watch this:

ABNDigital talk to Carni van der Walt from Posterscope, Michael Murphy, Director, Bowman Gilfillan and Nunu Ntshinglla, group CEO, Oglivy South Africa about problems faced by advertisers ahead of the upcoming World Cup post Metcash and the Dean v Kelbrick banter on this blog.

Carni explains the difficulties faced by middlemen selling advertising space in sites that risk being proclaimed "controlled access sites" (ed - with just over 100 days to go the indecision by municipalities does make life extremely difficult) . She also explains one way of getting around the Metcash decision. Nunu (ed -whose views were probably softened because her agency represents both sponsors and non sponsors) explains the virtues of using tourist destinations for advertising, and of being creative. Michael (no stranger to these issues - his client took on SAB in the "laugh it off" matter) puts it bluntly "read the by-laws and make sure you understand what they mean".

But don't underestimate these municipalities - just yesterday Debbie Marriott" showed Afro Leo accepted trade mark applications for the "shape and configuration!" of the Durban stadium covering a range of classes claimed in the name of the local municipality. Are these really trade marks? You must be kidding me.

Darren Olivier

Darren Olivier

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