Wednesday 21 April 2010

Darren Olivier

JIPLP: Africa Rising to the Anti-Counterfeiting Challenge

Afro Leo has been browsing through the latest edition of the highly respected Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Pratice edited by Afro-IP's Professor Jeremy Phillips, and has come across an article published by anti-counterfeiting expert and colleague Marius Haman entitled: Africa rising to the anti-counterfeiting challenge which is timely given yesterday's post and commentary. The article which, incidentally, kindly quotes Afro-IP is summarised by JIPLP:

"Legal context and key points: The global trade in counterfeit goods is growing at an alarming rate. Africa is increasingly being targeted as a destination for counterfeit goods. A new trend has been identified by the World Customs Organisation's Counterfeiting and Piracy Unit. It indicates that Africa is being used as a transit route for counterfeit goods, posing an indirect threat to European and American markets. This new trend challenges existing African anti-counterfeiting strategies. Africa's response by way of legal reforms, national and international co-operation is explored in this article.

Practical significance: The disproportionate size of Africa's informal or "parallel economy" (compared to that of Western nations), coupled with its rising economic fortunes, impacts on the counterfeiting problem. By adopting creative business models, IPR owners are finding new ways to combat counterfeiting."

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Darren Olivier

Darren Olivier

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