Tuesday 3 August 2010


Damsel in distress seeks urgent copyright guidance

A Queen Mary, University of London, LLM student has written to Afro Leo to invoke his aid. She wants to know

(i) are there any cases pertaining to copyright limitations and exceptions in Africa from courts in Africa? (she adds: "I assume there are, hopefully perhaps using the three step test to interpret the case") and if so,

(ii) what is (or are) the most reliable source(s) for such judgments on the internet, in libraries in London and/or commentaries and articles.
If you can make any helpful suggestions, please post them below or email her.

STOP PRESS: the damsel in question received so many good responses that Afro Leo has removed her email address to spare her any further leads ...



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5 August 2010 at 09:07 delete

I suggest that she conduct a search of the databases of the Southern African Legal Information Institute (SAFLII) at www.saflii.org
SAFLII collects and publishes legal materials from Southern and Eastern Africa including judgments of the superior courts of 12 African countries and, the judgments of regional courts such as SADC Tribunal, COMESA, East African Court of Appeal and East African Court of Justice.
Sara Moyo