Tuesday 31 August 2010


Sudan: new regime for customs registration of trade marks

Afro Leo notes that, following the introduction in Sudan of recent regulations on border measures, it is possible now to register trade marks in that country's customs department. This registration will serve as notice to all border customs, who must watch incoming shipments of goods suspected of bearing false or counterfeit products or similar or identical trade marks. Customs officials will confiscate any products alleged of being counterfeit and will inform the registered trade mark owner -- who must then take legal action within 10 days.

To benefit from these regulations the trade mark owner must comply with the following formalities:

  • a power of attorney should be provided, legalised up to the Sudanese consulate of the trade mark owner's country;
  • a certified copy of trade mark registration certificate in Sudan should also be provided, along with samples or photocopies of the original products.
Registration with customs is valid for one year but can be renewed annually.

Source: NJQ & Associates Newsletter, here



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