Sunday 10 October 2010


Perfecting security interests: can you help?

Emmanuel Kedi Beh, a Masters student who is studying the Bank Management course at the University of Yaoundé II, Cameroon, is in need of urgent assistance  He is preparing a Masters dissertation on "The perfection of security interests relating to intellectual property rights".

It seems that Emmanuel is having substantial trouble in locating and obtaining suitable reading materials. He writes: "I have serious difficulties in finding books on security interests relating to intellectual property and the perfection of such security interests. Please could somebody help me or direct me?"

A request for assistance will also be posted on the IP Finance weblog tomorrow, but I'm posting here in the hope that readers who are familiar with African materials on this topic will be able to share them with Emmanuel.

If any readers of this weblog can send him links to recent publications and helpful websites, this assistance would be grateful.  Please email Emmanuel here, and/or post your recommendations as comments below this request for assistance.

Good luck, Emmanuel!



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