Tuesday 14 June 2011


Kenya Copyright Board: nice website, nicer Twitter ...

Afro Leo has just been admiring the website of the Kenya Copyright Board, which looks very handsome though he thinks it must still be very new. The website's copyright notice says '2010' and there's no news in the news archive. Still, this initiative should be applauded. He calls on readers to send the Copyright Board some old bits of Kenyan copyright news that they can populate the archive with till they have from fresh news of their own to put there. Perhaps more importantly, he calls on all good enthusiasts to follow the Kenya Copyright Board here on Twitter, where they can share news, views and ideas with the Board.  One further matter: the Board should put a link to its Twitter account from its website, to alert readers and build up its following.

How many other African states have equivalent facilities? It would be good to know.

PS At the time of posting, Kenya Copyright Board has just 111 followers on Twitter.  Afro Leo hopes that, by the time he next visits, this figure will me much higher.



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15 June 2011 at 07:12 delete

Thank you for the recognition, Jeremy.

Work on the website is on-going and it should be fully updated very soon.

We also have a blog (www.copyfightkenya.wordpress.com) which was started together with our twitter page.

We welcome everyone's constructive suggestions and contributions.

Thanks again.