Thursday 21 July 2011


South Sudan: no IP change yet

First news regarding the intellectual property regime in the newly-independent Republic of South Sudan comes from a newsletter from NJQ & Associates
"The establishment of the new state South of Sudan has been announced on 9 July 2011, which was extracted from the main land of the Republic of Sudan. 
Since there are no IP Laws in the new state, the Sudanese Laws will be applicable until the issuance of their own law. Furthermore, any registrations at the Sudan office will be valid at the new state and enforceable as well till further notice".
NJQ & Associates invite anyone seeking further clarification to email them at



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In the new Transitional Constitution of South Sudan, it is the current law of Southern Sudan that has been preserved. Since IPR was a mandate of the Government of National Unity (GONU) it is the laws of GONU that were applied during the interim period. Under the circumstances therefore, it appears that the Republic of South Sudan must enact its own laws on IPR to afford protection. This includes establishing the institutional framework.