Wednesday 21 September 2011

Darren Olivier

Nigeria : the role of IP in nation building

Every September 13 has been set aside by the African Union in 1999 to commemorate the African Day for Technology and Intellectual Property (IP). [Afro Leo admits that he was not aware of this]. Chinyere Amalu writes on the significance of the celebration and the role of IP in nation building in Nigeria for LEADERSHIP here.

"..recent global developments have made it evident that natural resources endowment is no longer the prime source of national wealth or prosperity. Science and innovation have become the key driving force for propelling national economies,” 

"..have to start from the primary schools and not only at the research institutes and universities, where you get innovations,”

"The Nigerian government has, through the creation of NOTAP under the federal ministry of science and technology, demonstrated its determination to promote and acquire technology, especially encouraging the entrepreneurs, researcher and inventors to protect their intellectual property by putting a lot of structures in place, including establishing of 30 Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Offices (IPTTOs) in research institutes and institutions of higher learning across the country."

Darren Olivier

Darren Olivier

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