Friday 28 October 2011

Darren Olivier

Anti-Counterfeit Friday

Quote of the day: "Counterfeiting is a monster. You cut one hand and another one grows…" Tina Rose, an anti-counterfeit programme manager for aftermarket sales at HP.

"If you view counterfeit products as illegal competition that means we have helped our partners and retailers who sell our genuine products to operate in a much more fair environment by re moving those counterfeit products from the market." Tina Rose in The National. And, HP’s raid in South Africa here.

Practical difficulties spotting fake intellects
A good story about counterfeits: innovating to stop it. Pharmasecure secures funding for its anti-counterfeiting technology. Marketwatch

Afro Leo’s fun pick of the day: Zimbabwe’s problem with Counterfeit Intellectuals

The Chinese have endorsed a culture of copying (all about sharing) which is why they are such prolific copiers and why one has to understand their culture before being over critical about their IP regime. Heard that before? This fascinating short history of money published by Businessweek describes how the Ming Dynasty in China denounced counterfeiting several centuries ago “To counterfeit is death…” Buck up.

Counterfeit toys confiscated in England to be donated to children in Africa BBC Afro Leo says Santa Claus, this sounds kind but it is promoting an accepting culture for counterfeits in Africa, creating demand and perpetuating the problem.

The Tobacco Institute of South Africa said over the past month, more than 160 million counterfeit cigarettes have been confiscated in the country. EyewitnessNews

On the Health Affairs blog Daniele Dionisio makes the case for a stronger regulatory regime to curb “bad medicines” and strikes at the confusion caused by bad drafting of anti-counterfeit legislation in East Africa, particularly. A slightly different but equally persuasive take on the problem revealed by this piece on AEI on sub-standard (as opposed to fake) medicines.

The workshop organised by the Assembly's Committee on Communications, Trade and Investment (CTI) took place on October 16-19, 2011. The topics ranged from: avenues for Private Public Partnerships (PPP) to curb imported sub-standards and counterfeit goods in the EAC region, the EAC's outlook on the counterfeits and anti-dumping. Plenary discussions on the how to strengthen quality infrastructure to prevent entry of sub-standard goods in the EAC region are also envisaged. StarAfrica 

Darren Olivier

Darren Olivier

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