Monday 18 June 2012

Darren Olivier

Book Review: IP, Innovation and Management in Emerging Economies

Whether it be to hail the late Steve Jobs or proffer a remedy to global recession, the buzzword at the moment seems to be "innovation". From an investment perspective everyone seems to be talking BRIC and, recently, Africa. However, unless you read this blog and some others, the phrase "intellectual property" unfortunately does not always follow. Yet, undeniably IP is important which is why Afro Leo was excited when a colleague handed him a book entitled:

"Intellectual Property, Innovation and Management in Emerging Economies" edited by Ruth Taplin and Alojzy Z. Nowak published by Routledge.

The book seeks to argue that IP management development and innovation are fundamental to economic development, especially in newly emerging economies, which often hold vast reserves of natural resources and human knowledge that remain unprotected. It highlights countries that are realising this situation and provides case studies through a number of authors across a number of territories including Eastern Europe, Africa and especially Asia where there is a conscious link between creating innovation and IP to stimulate economic growth.

The book explains different types of innovation models, highlights success stories and explains some of the barriers to developing an innovation culture that understands IP and how to use it. The Africa chapter is written by Dario Tanziani and Nthabisheng Phaswana who illustrate, quite effectively, countries whose GDP and IP filing statistics reflect one another suggesting that IP infrastructure and GDP growth are linked although, because of a dearth of information, the authors admit that is not exactly clear whether IP development leads directly to economic growth.

There are several other excellent chapters that highlight how certain developing countries have embraced innovation and effectively created models that are driving growth. The emerging theme is that an "independent judiciary coupled with thoughtful and thoroughly understood implementation of IP laws within the context of cross border IP" is key.

The book is available from Amazon for $131.00.

Darren Olivier

Darren Olivier

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