Monday 30 July 2012

Darren Olivier

Peter Fahrenheim in historic victory

If you mention "South Africa" and "world record" today the next few words would most likely be Cameron van der Burgh. However, the IP community also has reason to celebrate the success of Peter Fahrenheim who last week won a historic 4th World Masters Squash title and became the sport's oldest world champion in the process.

At 81, Peter Fahrenheim took the historic title and an incredible fourth World Masters title, with a 3-0 victory against Scotland’s Alex Hamilton.

“I felt a bit lucky! No, I was fortunate to catch Alex on an off day. I watched him on Tuesday and thought I didn’t stand a chance of beating him. It has been a fantastic tournament and a pleasure to be involved,” said Fahrenheim.

Peter is well known to the local and international IP community where his contributions to IP and the people who work in it have been immense. This Afro Leo remembers a time 14 years ago when "Mr Fahrenheim" took the effort to arrange a job interview at a London law firm. I had already resigned when he approached me to help set up in a new country.

Read more about his effort here. Pic creds here.

Darren Olivier

Darren Olivier

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