Wednesday 11 July 2012


Registering a trade mark in Sudan? Then read on ...

You don't need to go to extremes
like this in order to get your
trade mark registered on Sudan
Afro Leo has been prowling around Sudan, and has picked up the scent of Trade Mark Circular No. 1 for 2012, which the Registrar of Trade Marks has issued addressed to local trade mark agents and brand owners.  They are requested to observe the following conditions for the purpose of organization of work and procedures:
1. If the Registrar of the opinion that the filed application is incomplete, he will request the applicant to complete or correct the application within one month, otherwise the application will be considered abandoned.

2. After expiry of opposition term (maximum 8 months), the applicant must complete registration procedure and issuance of registration certificate within 2 months, otherwise the application will be considered abandoned.

3. Application for renewal of a trade mark registration should be filed within six months before expiry of registration term with a grace period of six months after expiry date for late renewal with penalty. The Registrar has allowed a six months from 8 July 2012 for renewal of trade marks that have already expired and not renewed on time, otherwise the registrations will be considered lapsed.

4. The Power of Attorney stamped by the corporate seal of the company and notarized by Notary Public will be acceptable without legalization up to the Sudanese Consulate. However, the Extract from the Commercial Register and the Certificate of Incorporation are still required to be legalized up to the Sudanese Consulate.
The Registrar has also issued an internal circular to the staff of the Trade Mark Office, telling them to accept applications only when the notarized Power of Attorney and the legalized Certificate of Incorporation are submitted along with the application.

So now you know what you have to do!

Source: news bulletin from SMAS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, Khartoum, Sudan



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