Monday 3 September 2012


A review of African official IP websites: no.8 Cape Verde

Afro Leo is not known for invading suburbs in Kenya or wandering about in Essex; but he is certainly famous for being nosy in the intellectual property (IP) matters of African countries.

This week, this little Leo revisits Cape Verde ("you wish!" says Afro Leo) for any signs of improvement since it was last reported that the islands' IP office is nowhere to be found online. So any good news this time? No, it is still in the same condition.

However, this Leo is optimistic when he considers that Cape Verde officially became a WTO member in 2008 and that its newly created IP office has, at least, done something. So, hopefully, it won't be long before you start reading Afro Leo's 'IP ode' to the gorgeous islands of Cape Verde.

Despite receiving less than expected from one of the PIIGS (Afro Leo learned a bit about Cape Verde on our last visit so he knows which one; he also likes their IP office's website), this Leo wishes Cape Verde well in its development and hopes that it can learn from others whilst formulating its IP regime. (Afro Leo can be heard from a distance saying: "please don't forget to spare a little change for a website for your IP office)
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