Monday 21 January 2013


A review of African official IP websites: no. 28: Libya

No surprise, 12 months later, as Libya gradually gets back on its feet after the recent unrest

Around the continent in a few minutes (in no order):

Nigeria: Here is a basic news report that piracy is eating into the pockets of popular musicians in Nigeria. 

Kenya Kenya has nominated Amina Mohamed as a candidate for the office of the Director-General at the World Trade Organisation (WTO). In support of her nomination,  Kenyan Foreign Minister, Sam Ongeri, said"It was during her time that substantial progress was realized in the Hong Kong ministerial Conference. These included the waiver on market access and the amendment to the Trade Related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)." 

GhanaGyedu Blay Ambolley, argues that musicians cannot earn a living from their creativity in Ghana. He further urges the Ghanaian Government to enable the right environment for creative people to flourish.

Ethiopia: A new trade mark Regulations has come into force, reports Mondaq.

Considering the "S" in BRICS, here is a report that India will be hosting a significant conference on intellectual property rights on 23rd January 2013. South Africa will be present.

Zambia: The Zambian Government is gearing up to fight counterfeits (including counterfeit condoms), reports the Zambia Daily Mail.



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