Thursday 14 March 2013


Update in Nigeria: Trade mark oppositions and design applications

Thanks to this news update by Aluko & Oyebode (one of the leading intellectual property (IP) law firms  in Africa according to Managing IP), Afro-IP has learned, with interest, that the IP Registry in Nigeria will no longer tolerate delays in responding to trade mark registration oppositions. 

According to this circular, the Registry will not grant an extension of time more than once and where granted, it will not exceed 30 days. Further, in respect of registered designs, the Registry now requires applicants to describe the novelty in their design applications; and, as one would expect, the name(s) of the signatory on FORM 2.

Afro Leo welcomes comments from his Nigerian friends and/or all readers on following:

(a) Is 30 days sufficient time for trade mark owners and/or their representatives to put something together?

(b) What is the practice of other IP Registries across Africa?



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