Monday, 17 June 2013


A review of African official IP websites: no.50: Togo

As this Leo attempts to review the online presence of Togo's intellectual property (IP) office, he is nicely helped by one of our readers who goes by the name of Maria Georgieva - according to Google's translation. Maria has kindly directed us to this website which appears to have a searchable database for patents.

This Leo has had a look and he is not entirely sure where the owner, Ministry of Industry, Innovations and Technology, is going with this. Otherwise, the web presence of Togo's IP office has not changed since last year. He is conscious of the fact that Togo is one of the least-developed countries (LDCs) that has benefited from the TRIPS transition period extension reported earlier on this blog. Perhaps, they do not need to bother with a website for their IP office.

Same interests, one community, different locations.
Source: here
Well, this is not the first time Afro-IP's friend, Maria, has come to this Leo's rescue as he struggles to locate the existence of some of these websites. Afro Leo is always extremely grateful for any little participation or help from our ever-growing community because Afro-IP is here to inform us all regardless of where we are located. 

Thank you, Maria.



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