Thursday 3 July 2014

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Remember murdered customs official Johan Nortje? - distressing news and a call for help

Nortje - not yet at rest 
“This wasn’t a hijacking. This wasn’t theft. This wasn’t robbery. The guys who did this were carrying out a hit. I don’t think there is any doubt about it,"...

That is how the murder of customs officer Johan Nortje was reported in the press three years ago. At the time Afro-IP covered the story extensively and readers flooded the blog with tributes (see links throughout this post). We thought they had the perpetrators but distressing news this morning from Clint Nortje, warrant officer Johan Nortje's son, has revealed otherwise.

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Clint's letter to Afro-IP

"Just recently we have discovered via our own investigations through our contacts in the [police] force that Warrant Officer Johan Nortje's "HIGH PROFILE" murder case has been withdrawn.

On 17 Jan 2011 I received a phone call from my mother on my way work to inform me that my father had been shot. I arrived on scene a few minutes later to see him in the car still breathing but he was not responsive. Minutes later he was declared dead on scene on our driveway at home. 

Just 5 days later we received a call that they had "Shot and Killed the Shooter and arrested 3 others". One of these were sentenced to 22 years in prison and the other 2 still needed to go on trial. After a few postponements in the High Court, the Crime Unit investigating my Dad's case was arrested for being a "Hit Squad". This set back the trial hugely, with the officers being some of the best in the game. 

I tried to phone the organised crime unit and find out what was happening with the case, only to be passed on to prosecutors and other investigators who never could give me any clarity or ever bother to phone back when they said they would. 

Now on 02/07/2013 we find out that the case has been withdrawn and this is not what you would call justice ( which all the big commanders were bragging about to the media). Are the suspects out on the streets to do it again? Only the Saps [The South African Police Service] know. 

It's been over 3 years and in that time Warrant officer has missed the birth of his granddaughter who is now 2 and my wedding that was in May 2014.

As a family we would like to see justice and would like answers from the Saps.

Kind regards

Clint Nortje"

You can help

It's a sad, disturbing report riddled with corruption and malaise, and a frank reminder of the difficulties IP enforcement officers face in Africa, the need for strong laws and support. Nortje was obviously an individual of high integrity who eventually paid the highest price for doing his job. He was employed by the very people who have not come to his aid. They owe him and his family that respect, at least. You can assist by giving this post further exposure on FB, Twitter on your blog or in the press. It would be appreciated if you did so. 

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