Thursday 4 December 2014

Afro Leo

Steve Biko Autopsy Case. A privilege.

This week I have had the real privilege of working on the Steve Biko autopsy case which has received much local coverage over the last few days and where my firm and the advocates (George Bizos SC and Paola Cirone) are acting without charge. 

It has been a privilege not only to understand and listen to the families and Steve Biko Foundation over a very emotional issue but to get to appreciate that when George Bizos SC (87) explains some of the moments that have made history in our country (including the circumstances of Biko and Timol’s death) he literally, at times, cannot speak with grief and emotion. It is very easy to forget and this is really what the case is all about – preserving RSA legacies and history (and IP) and .... doing the right thing. 

A quick snap after receiving the order yesterday with families and representatives. 

Afro Leo

Afro Leo

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