Wednesday, 11 February 2015

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Morocco's new IP laws

Following Jeremy's post last month on an agreement reached between Morocco and the EPO whereby the country recognises European patents nationally, local law firm H&H Consulting has reported that Morroco has also updated its laws on IP:

"Morocco has issued an new Law No .23-13 on the protection of industrial property, which amends and completes that actual Law No. 17-97. This new law entered into force on December 18 – 2014.
The new law includes provisions on the protection of patents, industrial designs, trademarks and strict measures for combating counterfeiting."
Further information on the effect and changes can be obtained in H&H's summaries here
The summaries provide:
- more information on the agreement with the EPO regarding patent recognition.
- that absolute ground examination has been introduced for trade marks.
- that trade mark and design splitting has been provided for.
- that design protection has been extended to 25 years, from 15 years.

- information on the stronger protection against counterfeiting with fines of up to $55000 being legislated for, together with wider powers for issuing search warrants.
-information on certain measures that make the IP system more efficient, less bureaucratic and more structured.

More on Morocco.
Hat tip to Debbie Marriott for the heads up.

Afro Leo

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