Thursday 23 April 2015

Afro Leo

Afro Leo challenges you at CEOSLEEPOUT™

Afro Leo has been invited to take part in the 702 Sun International CEOSLEEPOUT and is humbled to take up the challenge. After all no self respecting lion can say no to such a great cause and concept. In doing so, I am also challenging readers, bloggers and other blogs to become involved.

You can support Afro Leo or the cause generally by doing the following:
  • accepting Afro Leo's challenge to sign up, sleep out and raise funds
  • sponsoring a participant or, if you like, Afro Leo himself* or Boys & Girls Town directly
  • challenging your colleagues to take part in the event or by nominating someone
  • if you are a blogger or run a blog, by linking to this post

*If you sponsor Afro Leo by clicking here and following the instructions, he will match the amount until he reaches target.

All of the information is contained on their website and the ever growing list of participants taking up the challenge can be found here. See if you can spot the animated Leo!

Some information on the CEOSLEEPOUT™

In just six months since her arrival back in South Africa from Australia, Alison Gregg, through her company The Philanthropic Collection has launched the 702 Sun International CEOSLEEPOUT which challenges business leaders to look beyond profit motives and sleep out on the streets in the middle of winter to raise funds for the homeless. 

Afro Leo attended the launch last week together with an auditorium filled with people from stakeholders, sponsors and media. The news trended on Twitter for that day and the next and  
the take-up of CEO's, board members, directors and partners has been quite incredible for the 18 June sleep out date. Over 100 C-Suite executives have already committed to the event. 

Afro Leo

Afro Leo

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