Friday 29 May 2015

Afro Leo

Misuse of trade secrets and more #SandtonDiscussion - JRMM Technologies v Ball

This Monday's 9am (GMT+2) #SandtonDiscussion arranged by Lita is being lead by Reinhardt Biermann who will cover the recent case of JRMM Technologies v Ball involving:

  • misuse of trade secrets, passing off and confidential information
  • decisions between action and application court procedures
  • the importance of choosing business partners correctly
  • how not to spend your start up funds
all in the context of a new business for importing and distributing rock crushing equipment for use in mines. And if you think there is nothing secret about a rock crusher check this out (link no longer available).

The #SandtonDiscussion hashtag enables to you comment on, partake and follow previous discussions even after they have taken place. 

Some action from this week (if there is nothing below then the embed is not working, please check the blog):

Afro Leo

Afro Leo

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