Friday 13 May 2016

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FridayLite by Nic Rosslee

It’s the ten year anniversary since the most humorous moment in trade mark law

Ten years ago, Guy Goma arrived at the BBC in London for an interview.

Standing around, waiting to be interviewed for a position in the BBC’s IT department, the conversation between a representative and Guy probably went something like:

Are you Guy?

Yes, I am Guy.

Please come with me.

Minutes later, Guy Goma was being interviewed. However, he was being interviewed on BBC News as the tech expert Guy Kewney commenting on the trade mark dispute between The Beatles’ record label, Apple Corps and Apple Computers.

We were happy to see that Guy saw the bright side of the situation and later made a series of celebrity appearances on a number of television shows including Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

Thank you Guy for bringing us one of the greatest moments in the age of the internet.

We think you did a good job and sometimes feel the same way about the latest trade mark law judgments: surprised.


This FridayLite was brought to you by the pen of Nic Rosslee (Associate at Adams & Adams). Follow him on twitter @nicrosslee. If any reader wants to share a humorous moment on IP for FridayLite, please email us here. For wayback FridayLite's click here.

Afro Leo

Afro Leo

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