Thursday 5 January 2017

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Can you assist Aurelia make her IP Article on African IP Open Access?

The burgeoning use of social media and online marketing tools has seen more and more people turning to the world wide digital community to help them drive their interests and offer their contemporaries free-to-access content.

And the legal fraternity is no different.

Afro IP blogger and intellectual property lawyer Aurelia Schultz is on a mission to publish her journal article as an open access document in order for interested parties to benefit from her research.

Aurelia is an attorney working in the area of copyright policy, with a focus on using open licenses and a specialist on intellectual property developments in Sub-Saharan Africa.

 “The students and researchers I hope can find my work most useful and build on it in the future are the least likely to be able to pay for access to a journal. If the article is open access, anyone who wants to read it, copy it or share it will not need to worry about whether or not they can afford a license from the publisher,” says Aurelia.

Because Aurelia is from the US, a developed country by world standards, she is charged a fee to publicly publish the work. However, she cannot afford the fee herself and is looking to raise the funds through the “Go Fund Me” portal, an online portal that helps individuals campaign in their private capacity by motivating for their causes.

The piece of work she wants to publish was written for a special journal issue focusing on IP law in Africa. And her aim is to see it published under a Creative Commons License using money she hopes to raise through Go Fund Me.

To date, she has received $2 407 of the $3 670 she requires to realize her dream of sharing the journal work publicly. You can help her achieve this by donating using this link. Every little bit helps.

Afro Leo

Afro Leo

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There are good OA journals that do not require a publishing fee. Have a look at the Directory of Open access journals ( for example. Not all OA journals require this fee from authors.