Wednesday 1 February 2017

Afro Leo

Afro-IP rejuvenates

The rains have come! Afro-IP’s look and feel had wilted in a drought not seen since the birth of the Sahara and today, it enjoys a creative wash and so much more.

Afro Leo himself has enjoyed a wonderful makeover “I feel like a feline again” he said during a catch-up with his Friends this morning. (BTW you can also tell us how you feel about the new design by using the poll set up on the blog here – we’d appreciate the feedback).

As you know, the blog has enjoyed contributions from all over Africa, the US and the UK. Friends of Afro Leo are listed and profiled under the Friends tab – take a look.

We have introduced Watering Holes and Sightings for those of you who want to attend IP events in Africa or dealing with Africa. Let us know where they are and feel free to send us a sighting pic of your local African IP rock star (you all are) seen at the event.

Afro-Live is a new concept for podcasts planned between Friends and guests. We’ll set these up to communicate what’s happening “live” in Africa, at regular intervals. The first Afro-Live event is due out in March.

When you are in the African bush, a Leo cannot live alone. Look out for makeover designs of some of our Friends to be introduced in the coming weeks.

These are just a few changes to the blog. For those of you who are new to Afro-IP be sure to read the About tab to understand the origins of the blog and how to get involved in Africa’s pre-eminent IP conversation or search amongst the 1800 odd posts over the last decade. You can also just contact us here or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Thanks for being part of the African IP community and supporting our blog.

Afro Leo

Afro Leo

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