Wednesday 15 February 2017

Afro Leo

Where in Africa is Afro Leo?

Bonjour fellow Africa travellers.

This week, I am surrounded by nature, with huge dunes that rise sometimes 200 meters and give life to a dense and humid forest, savannah and mangrove. In these wonderful surroundings, chimpanzees, lowland gorillas and colobus monkeys are free to enjoy the forest food. The animals are well protected here and buffalo, elephants and panthers live without fear of being poached.

Eroded white and red clay has created natural amphitheatres – or ‘cirques’- which are amazing to look at. I went up in a helicopter yesterday to view the animals and tonight I am going to the coastal strip to see the turtles that lay their eggs on the beach. Along this coastline is a lagoon where the world's highest number of islands in a river mouth can be found- more than 400 small outcrops.

This paradise is found in Africa’s least densely populated country and visitors have likened it to Costa Rica. You’ll also be interested to know that it is the home of a hallucinogenic called ‘Iboga’ which is seducing the Western world with its medicinal properties. Can you guess where am I?


It is situated on the equator

The home language is French

If I could see very far, I would be able to see Brazil
The first IP convention that this country signed was in 1962, the last in 2003
The African and Malagasy Intellectual Property Organization (OAMPI) was signed in the capital city

Afro Leo

Afro Leo

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