Tuesday 19 September 2017


Egypt enables e-filing system for patents

Good news from WIPO is that Egypt has enabled the e-filing of patents via PCT.

Applicants can file in Arabic or English and competant examining authorities include Austria, USA, Egypt and the EPO. There is a sliding scale on the fees depending on whether one is part of a research institute, company of less that 10 employees or larger company and it is cheaper to file electonically. An agent is required if the applicant is not local and a power of attorney is required to complete the filing. More information can be obtained off the WIPO website here.

Click here for the action

WIPO also reports that patent examiners from 8 African countries have recently completed the WIPO Academy/ASRT search and examination course in Egypt.

Brought to you by your correspondent in Rwanda, Afro-Gore.



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