Tuesday 10 October 2017

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Hans Muhlberg and others on the Afro-IP Linkedin platform

If you are a fan of Hans Muhlberg then be sure to follow him over on the Afro-IP Linkedin Group. For the benefit of readers on this platform here are some headlines to his posts over the last few weeks. Enjoy, they are always entertaining and insightful:

There’s been much talk about the Netflix trademark cease-and-desist letter, about how it may actually boost the brand. If you haven’t seen it the best bits follow (for the benefit of readers over 30, Stranger Things is a TV series, Dr Brenner is a ch...show more

There’s talk of ‘food apartheid’ in Europe. According to The Guardian, some food products sold in Eastern Europe are of a lower quality than products sold in Western Europe under the same branding. In some cases the differences are so marked that pe.. show more.
Have trademarks ever enjoyed so much media attention? Over the space of a few days we’ve had:
Ridicule at Taylor Swift’s decision to register more lyrics and song titles as trade marks. Last time it was This Sick Beat and Cause we never go out of sty.. show more.

Brexit, so many unexpected consequences. Even within the arcane field of trademarks: what will happen to all those EUTMs that presently cover the UK; more importantly, what will happen to all those UK trademark attorneys who presently cover the EU? .. show more

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Afro Leo

Afro Leo

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