Monday 13 November 2017


Roundtable turns its focus to the pharma industry and invites you

This is an invitation to a roundtable discussion on the harm of illicit trade and the role of trade mark counterfeiting within the pharmaceutical industry organised by the Companies & Intellectual Property Commission in association with the South African Liquor Brand Owners Association.

The roundtable is part of a series that envisages examining the role of counterfeiting as part of illicit trade in the various industry sectors. 

The objective is to foster collaboration between industry and government to combat trade mark counterfeiting and address the importance of cooperation, capacity building and education of all role players and stakeholders.  Special emphasis will be placed on a strategy to ensure efficient enforcement to combat the trade in counterfeit goods.   

The enforcement of intellectual property rights is one of the crucial cornerstones of economic growth. This interactive session will focus further on the challenges in the pharmaceutical industry, remedies that are available and how to access them. 

The importance of creating awareness to ensure that the general public is protected will also be discussed.  The Roundtable will provide a platform through which government can reach out to industry and simultaneously create awareness of the harmful effects of illicit trade on consumers.

Topics to be discussed:
-       The role of government in the fight against counterfeit trade.
-       The value of applying for and securing formal brand protection through registered trade marks is often dismissed or overlooked, which has the potential to expose a brand to significant risk.
-       Why formal trade mark registrations should be considered as part of any brand protection strategy – and should be considered early,
-       The remedies available in the Counterfeit Goods Act, 1997.
-       The role of the MCC.
-       Cross Border Protection The African Continent- Vanessa Ferguson Senior Partner Kisch IP.   
-       Current critical issue IMSA.
-       Traceability Solution.
High quality brands are losing market share due to the excessive inflow and manufacture of second rate counterfeit products.  Formulating a strategic approach to collaborate can facilitate how these industries align their strategies to win against a common threat. 

Relevant industry players will partake in a panel discussion

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