Thursday 18 March 2021

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INTA Webcast Series: Enforcement of IP Rights in Africa

INTA, the global association of brand owners and professionals supporting trademarks and related IP to foster trust, economic growth, and innovation, have teamed up with Marius Schneider and Vanessa Ferguson to broadcast a webcast series dedicated to Africa. It is available live or on demand!

The six-session webcast series, Enforcement of IP Rights in Africa, will highlight developments in Africa. The presenters include government officials, practitioners, and brand-owner representatives from key jurisdictions.

The series starts with an overview session focusing on the current economic climate, factors contributing to counterfeiting, and the robust anti-counterfeiting activities taking place across Africa. The four subsequent episodes focus on these topics in different regions of the continent. In the final session, local and international organizations will report on the initiatives they are taking to fight counterfeiting in Africa.

The series will be presented live during the six weeks and will subsequently be available on demand. Members and non-members can purchase a single session or the entire series.

Marius Schneider and Vanessa Ferguson are no strangers to this blog having launched their book “Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Africa” published by Oxford University Press in May 2020.

 You can register for the events here. Today’s session covers IP Enforcement in West Africa:

"Being the number one economy and the country with the largest population in Africa, Nigeria is the focal point of investors in the West African region. At the same time, Nigeria has increasingly become a target destination and a significant transit route for counterfeit and pirated products. This has a significant impact on the neighbouring countries, including member states of the regional IP organization, OAPI and Ghana—another regional giant.

The event kicks off at 8:00am EDT. See you there! 

Afro Leo

Afro Leo

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