Monday, 31 December 2007

Call for regional integration to assist tech transfer

An article by R. Chand in the Mauritius Times argues for the importance of regional integration agreements in the context of what he calls the Mozambique-Mauritius-Madagascar growth triangle. He writes:

"The global and regional developments around us highlight the need for clear-cut regional trade and investment strategy from us. Mauritius is convinced that the regional arrangements via the trade protocols leading to FTAs will be extremely beneficial in terms of improvements in economic efficiency associated with increased specialisation, exploitation of scale economies and the greater geographical concentration of individual economic activities that are likely to be driven by inter and intra-regional local and external investment. Besides intensifying competitive pressures, these investment flows are expected to encourage local producers to adopt efficiency-enhancing strategies and stimulate technology transfer and diffusion, both directly and through spillovers to other firms in the region".

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