Sunday, 13 January 2008

WCO warns that Africa, not China, is its main threat

The World Customs Organisation now regards African countries as the main concern in Europe's fight against unsafe and counterfeit goods, which are said to be worth over $200 billion in trade every year, according to a report from Reuters. Most fake clothes, toys, foodstuffs and medicines still originate from China, but Africa is now the main transit route to Europe. Said a WCO spokesman:
"Africa has become a big hole for us. The African territories, particularly in the west, are being used for transiting and commuting counterfeit and unsafe goods to hide their Chinese origin ... The problem in Africa is that customs officers there might as well be invisible. They are not empowered to act. The smugglers know this and this is why they are moving stuff from China through Africa as the other routes are well-covered".

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