Friday, 11 January 2008

Working with FAN "commendable"

Writing in Global Politician, Ugo Harris Ukandu ("The Way Forward For Nigerian Film Industry") points out that, according to Filmmakers of Nigeria (FAN), international piracy of Nigerian movies and films in the Americas, Canada, Europe and other African countries is costing Nigeria an estimated US$50 million annually. He commends the film industry for its plan to work with Filmmakers of Nigeria USA (FAN USA), to organizes their marketing and distribution strategy internationally in USA and Europe to cut out piracy and to repatriate their money and efforts back in the Nigerian economy, adding:
"This is commendable but more is needed to be done. Examples are the dubious contracts each individual film makers, marketers, actors, actress and producers are undertaking individually with dubious individuals both internationally and within Nigeria for their personal marketing and distribution rights, and these contracts are not abiding or enforceable in the international copyright laws or anywhere else in the world. Such hasty contract with no backbone and as such these people are given blank checks to produce and distribute Nigeria arts and Films internationally with no money coming to them or into Nigeria, and it is a win win situation for the piraters and copyright violators . Nigeria and the film industry are shortchanged and violated big time in these hasty deals".

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