Tuesday, 19 February 2008

RFID technology demand in Africa

Radio frequency identification (RFID) provides benefits that surpass other alternative solutions, particularly bar codes. Due to these flexible benefits, RFID has the potential to make a significant impact in Africa according to Dataweek. A variety of factors currently influence Africa's demand for RFID applications. The need to reduce theft, fraud and counterfeit products is one of the key drivers of demand. The technology is able to track and trace the location of products more accurately than past technologies, which leads to a reduction in losses. The technology's ability to increase efficiency, as well as government support for RFID projects and international policies that require RFID applications on specific goods for import, such as beef products, are also influencing the uptake. The continued decline in prices of the technology will be a key factor in increasing the demand for RFID in Africa. Low cost tags will be particularly appealing to low value/volume items, where the market for RFID is currently small.

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