Tuesday, 5 February 2008

SASFED report calls for new IP model for public broadcasters

A lengthy and highly detailed 2006-2007 report of the South African Screen Federation (SASFED) has just been delivered. SASFED is a coalition of 15 organisations which have come together in order to take firm charge of development of the South African film industry. According to the report,
"IP can be simply seen as a policy intervention designed to reward innovation and creativity but also to ensure that the product of our endeavour is not overprotected to restrict access to the public. It is our argument that the public broadcaster has a duty to its viewers to increase the quality and the diversity of programming and to maintain its audience share. Given the budgetary constraints, this can only be achieved by shifting to another model of acquisition, based on the licensing of primary rights and revenue sharing on other platforms, and secondary rights. It is only this form of terms of trade that accommodates for an inflow of third party investment and the concomitant increase in quality programming".

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