Sunday, 2 March 2008

MEPs call for more involvement from African scientists

Last week Members of the European Parliament called for African scientists to be more involved in international collaborative science and R&D projects in order to keep and develop knowledge in Africa. The call came from members of the European Parliament's Committee on External Relations, adopting a joint resolution on the importance of supporting measures to improve international scientific cooperation with Africa.

Among other things, the MEPs have urged Member States to promote knowledge and technology transfer between the EU and Africa, together with R&D projects, under a new framework for action. The aim here is to achieve immediate and long-term goals for sustainable development, and accordingly develop policy and resources. Finally, the European Parliament called on the EU and the Member States to ensure greater consistency between the EU's international science and technology policy and the basic needs of African countries. This should lead to the development of a new global framework for science and diplomacy with Africa.

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