Friday 21 March 2008

Darren Olivier

Microsoft success in Botswana

In an article penned by Zeph Kajevu in Botswana's The Voice , it is reported that after a week's investigation Microsoft succesfully raided premises of computer salesmen selling their pirated software, with the help of the Botswana Police. According to the report "In total, six computers containing unlicensed versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system and Microsoft Office applications on sale have been confiscated - in addition to 16 CDs containing a variety of counterfeit Microsoft software, all amounting to a total street value of P103, 000 (US$16 000). Five staff members, including the owners of these businesses, have been arrested on charges of copyright infringement and, if found guilty, they could serve a term of imprisonment or, alternatively, pay heavy penalties."

"The Botswana Polices Services, in accordance with the Copyright and Neighbouring Act of the Republic of Botswana, conducts raids against dealers of counterfeit and pirated materials across a wide variety of goods, including music, DVDs, software, clothing, pharmaceutical products and general consumer goods. Hlatshwayo [Microsoft’s anti-piracy manager for East & Southern Africa] said that the department has been met with much success in its efforts to combat piracy in Botswana, largely due to the support of the intellectual property owners themselves. In order to train law enforcement officials to identify pirated software, Microsoft has hosted several workshops for law enforcement departments in Botswana. These workshops have made it easier for the Botswana Police Services to find, catch and prosecute suspected software pirates in the country."

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Darren Olivier

Darren Olivier

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