Monday 28 April 2008


7 reasons why Prof Odek should be the next WIPO DG

Peter Mwaura writing in the Saturday Nation column “fair play” cites a number of reasons why Prof Odek should be the next Director General for the World Intellectual Property Organization. He writes that:

“He [Prof Odek] is the only candidate from Africa. At 44, Prof Odek is the youngest candidate. But his credentials are impressive. He is likely to provide the organisation with the vision it needs. As an outsider, he is also more likely to effect changes to meet many of the challenges facing WIPO.

He has a doctorate degree in judicial sciences and a masters in law from Yale University, and he has chaired various WIPO committees.

He is also an associate professor of public law at the University of Nairobi and a member of the governing council of the African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation.”

Mwaura also believes that if all the 19 African countries in the coordination committee, including Kenya, vote as a block then Prof. Odek will carry the day.

However, as reported here the geography factor may come into play considering that the outgoing DG is from Africa and a European and an America has previously been at the helm.



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28 April 2008 at 11:58 delete

What makes you think that being qualified for the position is a qualification for the position?

Surely the ability to exercise influence, play political games and invest one's tax-free Swiss francs income to best effect is far more important?