Friday, 18 April 2008

From KIKOY to “grown under the sun”

In response to the failed attempt by a British company to register the word KIKOY as a trade mark (earlier reported here, here and here ), a story in the Nation Newspaper has it that the government of Kenya is in the process of protecting the phrase “grown under the sun” as trade mark for marketing Kenyan products.

The slogan ‘Grown Under the Sun' was unveiled in Britain in July 2007 by Kenya's horticulture industry to market its fresh produce in UK. As a result of this initiative, as noted here, Kenya’s share of the European market grew from to 32% to 38%.

A search of the UK trade mark database shows existence of a community registered trade mark number E4549333 consisting of the slogan “NATURALLY GROWN UNDER THE CANARY ISLANDS SUN SINCE 1935” in class 31(Fresh fruits and vegetables) and 39(Distribution, transport, storage and warehousing of fruits and garden herbs of all kinds). The trade mark is in the name of JULIANO BONNY GOMEZ of Spain, the application having been filed way back in 2005.

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