Friday, 11 April 2008

Namibia Industrial Property Draft Bill - discussion sessions invite 15 and 17 April

Following on from an earlier post about the publication of the draft Namibia Industrial Property Bill, there were a number of people who emailed me asking for a copy. In order to facilitate the distribution of the draft Bill, Bowman Gilfillan have kindly agreed to host it on their website so that I could post the link here.

This blogger will also be involved in a number of discussions with colleagues concerning the draft Bill - for example, a rose grower wanted to know if the Bill made provision for plant breeders rights, which it does not appear to do.

The SAIIPL were hoping to get comments by the end of the month and if you would like to add yours to that list, please let me know here. In addition, if you wanted to take part in the discussions (which will take place on 15 April (Patents) and 17 April (Trade Marks and general)) I am happy to arrange to patch you in by conference call or if you are in the vicinity you are welcome to join in. If you are interested in joining us by call or in person please make it clear in your email. The sessions will be an hour long each starting at 16h00 GMT+2

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