Sunday, 6 April 2008

Record income for the Ernie Els Brand

According to Golf Digest, a leading golf publication in South Africa, South African born golfer Ernie Els was a big mover on the GD 50 (a Golf Digest table of the top 50 earners in golf) in 2007. He added $10 million to his off course earnings compared to 2006. His endorsements, appearance fees and golf course design fees brought in $200 million which, when added to his $5 million prize money, make him the fourth richest golfer on the planet. Interestingly, his day job (playing golf) brings him only a sixth of his income. Further down the GD 50 list at 42 is another famous african golfer, the enduring Gary Player (aged 73), whose off course earnings bring in over $5 million, 20 times his current on course earnings.

Afro-IP wonders if the Ernie Els figures included any payments from a fan pub in Surrey which, during The Open last year, sold limited edition - Ernie Ales?!

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