Friday, 9 May 2008

Knowledge, of the traditional kind, for SA

South Africa's DTI has now published a draft amendment to IP legislation to incorporate traditional knowledge protection. The announcement states:
that the law of trade marks/geographical indications may be able to provide protection of certain names/features associated with traditional knowledge e.g. Rooibos and Honey bush tea;
that a National Council consisting of experts on traditional knowledge must advise the Minister and the Registrar of intellectual property on traditional intellectual property (TIP) rights;
that communities may form business enterprises such as collecting societies in order to administer their traditional intellectual property, as well as commercializing such TIP;
that such business enterprises may enter into licensing agreements (commercialization of TIP) with third parties;
that other rights in the copyright regime should preferably also be subjected to "collective management of copyright regime".
The notice and Bill can be found on the DTI website at:
Any comments must be submitted by 15 June 2008, so get writing soon!

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