Monday, 12 May 2008

Mauritius, US continue TIFA talks

Officials from Mauritius and the US met at the end of April to discuss implementation of the United States-Mauritius Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA), according to a piece in AllAfrica. This was the second meeting under the TIFA’s bilateral Council on Trade and Investment (TIFA Council), which monitors trade and investment relations, identifies opportunities for expanding trade and investment and provides a forum for addressing challenges in the two countries’ trade ties. The TIFA Council was set up to facilitate a dialogue and help to increase commercial and investment opportunities by identifying and working to remove impediments to trade and investment flows between the United States and Mauritius.

During the TIFA Council meeting, officials explored common objectives – including cooperation in the World Trade Organization, implementation of the African Growth and Opportunity Act, trade capacity building and technical assistance, intellectual property protection, export diversification, trade promotion, and development – and examined opportunities for a more comprehensive trade and investment relationship.

Total two-way trade between Mauritius and the United States was valued at $237 million in 2007, with US imports of $188 million and US exports of $50 million.

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