Tuesday 6 May 2008


New branding scheme for Ethiopian coffees

On Sunday the Ethiopian Government launched a brand management programme in order to protect its indigenous coffee varietals. This is the first time, according to the press release, that an African nation has undertaken such an innovative approach to protecting its economy, representing a new era in Africa’s economic development and independence.

Till now the leading Yirgacheffe, Sidamo and Harar coffees have been valued in their own right but have not been identified or promoted as specifically Ethiopian quality products. Brand specialist Brandhouse has now created a distinctive brand identity system for Ethiopia Fine Coffees which will be used wherever the three individual coffee varietals are distributed and sold. Licensees will be required to include the new trade marked brand as part of their licensee agreements. Licensing agreements are now in place with more than 70 companies in eight consuming countries, with licensees committed to promoting Ethiopian Fine Coffees in their particular markets.



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6 May 2008 at 08:29 delete

I would be interested to know if this initiative is in conjunction with Starbucks, following the recent settlement over Sidamo.