Wednesday, 18 June 2008

90 minutes for the game, a lot longer for the copyright

Ghanaweb carries a note that the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of the recently-ended football African Cup of Nations, Ghana 2008, is reminding everyone that it is still forbidden to use photographs of the tournament and related events for commercial purposes. Says the LOG secretariat, even though the event may have officially ended, the images, pictorials and all other symbols of the tournament belong to the LOC. It remains unlawful for any individual or organization to commercialize them without its permission.

The LOC regrets that, despite earlier attempts to educate the relevant public concerning the prohibition placed on copyright infringement, some individuals and companies have put on sale images which have been taken from the event without official authorization. The statement said such acts contravened the rights of those who duly obtained the right for the usage of the pictures. It further warned individuals and companies to refrain from the acts or "face the music". Presumably the music is copyright-protected too ...

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