Thursday, 14 August 2008

China condemns its own export of fakes to Tanzania

Remarkably, according to an article in the Daily News, China has issued an expression of regret concerning the inflow of its own counterfeit goods into Tanzania, calling for joint international efforts to stem the inflow. This comes with an admission from China's Special Envoy on African Affairs, Liu Guijin, that Chinese fakes had undermined the credibility of his country's products and that there was a need to fight the problem through customs. He said:
"We need to come up with a joint approach to tame this illegal practice through tightening control at the customs".
It seems to this writer that, since the counterfeit goods emanate from China itself, and its controlled economy is better equipped to monitor goods before they leave the country than it for the poorly-resourced Tanzanian customs to stop them entering the country, China should be prepared to take full responsibility for its own infringing exports.

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